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Managing your Voicemail

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When your extension is busy, cannot be reached, or you choose not to take a call, callers have the option to leave a voice message. These messages are stored in chronological order and can be accessed by phone or from the 3CX client. If you have unread voicemails, an envelope icon automatically appears on the notifications screen.

To listen to your voicemails:In the 3CX client, click the Voicemails”  

 icon from the bottom menu. In the 3CX Web client, click on the “Voicemails” Link.Select, Right-click or tap on a voicemail to bring up the options menu and select:

  • Play – this downloads the voicemail as a .WAV file and will automatically play it on your PC. On Android you may hear the voicemail on your smartphone. The client for Windows gives you the ability to Play, Stop and Pause the file while playing. On a Mac, double click the message and it will play directly from the voicemail window.
  • Play on Phone – 3CX will call your extension and play the voice mail.
  • Call – Calls the person who sent you a  voice mail.
  • Mark as heard or unheard
  • Delete
  • The Web Client gives you the additional option to “Download Voicemail” 

On the notifications screen the envelope will disappear, meaning you have no new voicemails.Tip: You can also receive voicemail notifications in your email. Contact your administrator to enable this feature.Leaving Voicemail for a Particular ExtensionTo leave a message in the Voicemail of a particular Extension:Dial *4<extension number>For example, *4100, will leave a voicemail message for extension 100.Customizing your Voicemail Greetings

Customizing your Voicemail Greetings (Web Client)

A personalized and professional voicemail greeting may be the first contact between you and your customers. Give your customers a good impression by creating a personalized voicemail greeting:Go to “Settings > Greetings”.For each status, select an existing recording from the drop down. Alternatively upload one or record one.

  • To record a greeting, click the “Record Greeting” button and enter a filename. Click “OK”.You will receive a call from Caller ID “RecordFile”. Answer and follow the in-call instructions.Hang up, the file will be saved. Now you need to refresh the page to see your newly recorded file listed. The recorded message will be available for all statuses.Select the file for each status that you wish to use the recorded message for.Note: If any status is left to the “Play Default” option, and the “Default” field has been set to a custom message, then that greeting will be used.
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