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We are a telecommunications provider helping schools and businesses across the whole of the Auckland region make the transition from their old legacy telephony equipment to the latest voice over IP technology.

Project Management

From initial proposal through to implementation, sales and technical services work closely together to ensure the system goes in as promised, on time and with adequate training for the users to realise the benefits early on.


Well over 20 years of experience in providing telephony solutions. With a heavily targeted, transparent and open technical service team we take ownership of any query or fault.

Business Continuity

Our aim is to ensure communications are continuous and contigency plans are in place for any eventuality.

Scalable & Flexible

Whether you are looking for a single phone system for a small office, a multi site solution or a fully managed call centre environment we can help. TalkNet can provide you with a tailored solution that can evolve as your requirements change.

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